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Newtown Cove & The Guillamene

Newtown Cove & The Guillamene are situated about 500 metres and a short 5 minute walk away from the park.

Famous for their deep and clear waters, they are regarded by many as two of the best outdoor swimming spots in Ireland.

Newtown is a small sheltered cove with a stony beach, with easy access for swimmers by the slipway or ladder.

The Guillamene can be accessed by steps from the car park, it is popular with both young and old. There are platforms to dive from, a small changing area and easy access to and from the water by multiple sets of steps. Swimming is easy at both high or low tides.

The rocky outcrops below the steps to the Guillamene provides a perfect location for some shore fishing.

Or simply sit and enjoy the breathtaking views from Tramore beach to Brownstown head.

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